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%% title: 10-1 Network %% description: Section 10 - System Environment - Figure 10-1 Network graph LR subgraph External Services github["GitHub"] slack["Slack"] statuspage["StatusPage"] codeclimate["Code Climate"] googlegroups["Google Groups"] circle["Circle CI"] end subgraph AWS US West Oregon kinesis["AWS Kinesis"] end subgraph AWS US East/West cloudfront["AWS CloudFront"] route53["AWS Route 53"] end subgraph AWS GovCloud apps-elb["Customer ELB"] ops-elb["UAA & Concourse ELB"] s3["AWS S3"] cloudwatch["AWS CloudWatch"] cloudwatch-logs["AWS CloudWatch Logs"] config["AWS Config"] cloudtrail["AWS CloudTrail"] iam["AWS IAM"] iam-perms["AWS IAM Permissions"] iam-roles["AWS IAM Roles"] aws-console["AWS Console"] subgraph Staging VPC vpc-staging{Copy of Production VPC} end subgraph Development VPC vpc-development{Copy of Production VPC} end subgraph Authorization Boundary subgraph Production VPC subgraph Availability Zones us-gov-west-1a/b subgraph Public Subnet prod-nat["NAT Gateway"] prod-elb-endpoint("ELB Endpoint") end subgraph Private Subnet - Core Tier A prod-cf{"Cloud Foundry<br>Core Components"} idp[" fallback IDP"] end subgraph Private Subnet - Core Tier B prod-diego{"Cloud Foundry<br>Container Management"} end subgraph Private Subnet - Database Tier prod-rds{"AWS RDS instances"} end subgraph Private Subnet - Services Tier prod-services{"Service instances"} end end vpc-router-prod["VPC Router"] end vpc-peering["VPC Peering Connection"] subgraph Tooling VPC subgraph Tooling Availability Zones us-gov-west-1a/b subgraph Public Subnet tooling-nat["NAT Gateway"] tooling-elb-endpoint("ELB Endpoint") end subgraph Private Subnet - Operations Tier tooling-ops["BOSH Director/UAA"] end subgraph Private Subnet - Database Tier tooling-rds{"AWS RDS instances"} end subgraph Private Subnet - Concourse Tier tooling-concourse["Concourse - production"] end end vpc-router-tooling["VPC Router"] end end end customer(("Customer")) ops(("Cloud Operations")) customer-.DNS.->route53 customer--Web-->cloudfront customer--Web or CLI-->apps-elb customer-->statuspage cloudfront-->apps-elb prod-services-.create service instance.->cloudfront prod-services-.create service instance.->s3 ops-->ops-elb ops-->github ops-->slack ops---aws-console ops-->statuspage ops-->googlegroups codeclimate-- Static analysis --- github circle-- Continuous Testing --- github tooling-nat--Alerting-->googlegroups vpc-router-tooling-->vpc-peering vpc-router-prod-->vpc-peering vpc-staging-->vpc-peering vpc-development-->vpc-peering aws-console-."Authentication/Authorization".->iam iam-.->iam-perms iam-perms-.->iam-roles apps-elb---prod-elb-endpoint prod-elb-endpoint---prod-nat prod-nat---prod-cf prod-nat---prod-diego prod-nat---prod-rds prod-nat---prod-services ops-elb---tooling-elb-endpoint tooling-elb-endpoint---tooling-nat tooling-nat---tooling-ops tooling-nat---tooling-rds tooling-nat---tooling-concourse cloudwatch-logs-- Encrypted log data only --- kinesis
Bidirectional data/information flow
One-directional data/information flow
Data/information request that is system generated
Component ( square corners )
Collections of VMs or containers
Non-VMs / container components ( rounded corners )
User types
External data components
Grouping of components
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