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%% title: 10-4.1 Customer Data Flow %% description: Section 10 - System Environment - Figure 10-4.1 Customer Data Flow graph LR subgraph AWS GovCloud subgraph Cloud Foundry Components subgraph Container Management Segments Cell["Cell"] AppContainer{"Customer<br>Application"} Dashboard{Dashboard<br>} end Router[Router] SSHProxy[SSH Proxy] UAA["User Authentication/Authorization (UAA)<br>"] CloudController[Cloud Controller<br>] ServiceBroker[Service Broker] Service["Service<br>e.g. Redis"] HM[Health Monitor] Loggregator[Loggregator] end subgraph Customer Logs Q[Redis Queue] Logstash[Logstash] ES[Elasticsearch] Kibana[Kibana<br>] end subgraph SAML IDP SAML[ fallback IDP<br>providing MFA] end ELB("Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)") CloudControllerDB(Cloud Controller<br>RDS DB) CloudWatch[AWS CloudWatch Logs] S3[S3] end subgraph Customer Responsibility CustomerSAML{"Single Sign-on (SSO)<br>providing MFA"} end subgraph AWS East/West cloudfront["AWS CloudFront"] end Customer((Customer)) statuspage["StatusPage<br>"] Router-->Cell SSHProxy--SSH using temporary key-->Router CloudController-.API Request Sets up temporary SSH key.->SSHProxy CloudController--Request for provision-->ServiceBroker CloudController--Provision/scale application instances-->Cell CloudControllerDB-->CloudController ServiceBroker--Provisions-->Service Service--Service protocol-->AppContainer HM--Monitoring of assigned port-->AppContainer Cell-.Container.->AppContainer AppContainer-->Loggregator Cell-.Container.->Dashboard Loggregator-->Logstash Logstash-->Q Q-->ES Logstash-->CloudWatch Logstash-->S3 ES-->Kibana Customer--"Web request (HTTPS)"-->ELB Customer--SSH using temporary key-->ELB Customer--"Web request (HTTPS)"-->statuspage Customer--"Web request (HTTPS)"-->cloudfront cloudfront --"Web request (HTTPS)"--> ELB ELB --SSH using temporary key--> SSHProxy ELB --"Web request (HTTPS)"--> Router ELB --API request--> CloudController ELB -- "Triggered by web request (HTTPS) only" --> Kibana UAA-.Authentication.->CustomerSAML UAA-.Authentication.->SAML CloudController-.Authorization.->UAA SSHProxy-.Authorization.->UAA Kibana-.Authorization.->UAA
Bidirectional data/information flow
One-directional data/information flow
Data/information request that is system generated
Component ( square corners )
Collections of VMs or containers
Non-VMs / container components ( rounded corners )
User types
External data components
Grouping of components
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